The next generation in colon cleansing and super oxygenation

A specially formulated magnesium peroxide compound with activated oxygen (Ozone, O3) enhancement and encapsulated with pro-oxidant vitamin C plus natural bioflavinoids. It is a multi-chained oxygen bonded to magnesium by a special catalytic process. This produces a very high source of ingestible oxygen.


Oxygenation and detoxification is the key! We believe the oxygenation and cleansing process assists you to look and feel younger!



General use recommendation is 1-2 capsules/day

Suggested dosage for colon cleansing is 1 capsule per 25lb (11.4 kilos) of body weight. Some prefer to take from 2 to 8 capsules with 8oz of pure water. One should wait at least 1 hour prior to or after a meal before ingesting. It is totally safe and has been used by women during pregnancy and nursing. After 10 - 15 days at 1 capsule per 25lbs body weight reduce to a maintenance level of 1 to 5 capsules per day. Rather than continue taking this supplement on a permanent basis it is best to have a break every few months for 6 - 8 weeks.



Magnesium Peroxide 500mg

Vitamin C 75mg

Bioflavinoids 25mg

This compound (dietary supplement) is mixed with vitamin C, which allows for the complete separation of the nascent oxygen upon digestion.


This is a powerful detoxifying agent and purifier. It provides safe systematic cleansing by removing obstructions and congestion from the colon through the release of an abundance of activated oxygen. Oxygen gets pumped into the tissues and locked in.


As toxicity levels on our planet increase and as oxygen levels decrease, it becomes apparent we must do something! Oxygenation and detoxification is the key! This compound helps normalise and clean the colon walls where much disease can originate. It gives one the needed oxygen to oxygenate cells and for proper digestion. We believe this allows for better absorption of nutrients.

The highly concentrated oxygen helps release toxins from cells while the vitamin C/magnesium combination aids elimination, so toxins are not reabsorbed. Once the toxins are reduced in the intestines and colon, more oxygen passes into the blood and into the rest of the body's cells. We believe it assists to rebuild and boost the immune system. It breaks down faecal matter to a very soft or liquid stool, depending on how toxic the individual is and how much "Oxy-T" is being taken. Even if it is taken in large amounts, several times a day, it is not harmful to have this soft to liquid stool. There are no cramps, as there can be with laxatives and herbs.

Once the toxic accumulation has been eliminated, the bowel will return to producing a normal soft stool.  Also, some very toxic individuals may notice queasiness or nausea initially, because their system is so oxygen deprived that they are not accustomed to such high amounts of oxygen; however this will soon pass but, in the meantime, one can cut down the quantity and gradually increase as the body acclimatises to the higher oxygen environment. 

As with any detoxification programme, WHEN TAKING Oxy-T IT IS IMPORTANT TO DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Two or more litres per day of water and/or fruit juices is recommended.