Introducing a selection of attractive BioCare products we added to our offering for Swiss clients

Introducing a selection of BioCare products that we recently started to offer through our webshop in Switzerland: 


TravelGuard®: TravelGuard® is an innovative capsule which allows live bacteria and plant oils to be administered in a single capsule without damaging the efficacy of each other. Ideal for travellers


Bio-Acidophilus 60Caps: BioAcidophilus is a high potency blend of the LAB4 complex of live probiotic bacteria. Each capsule contains 10 billion viable bacteria, 20 billion per daily intake


Phytomega-3: Phytomega-3 is one of the first supplements to give vegetarians and vegans a direct supply of important EPA & DHA from natural algae (and as such a great vegan alternative to fish-oil)


Phytosterol Complex: Phytosterol Complex is a combination of botanical extracts, containing hops, alfalfa, licorice, sage and celery seed and is suitable for women during and after child bearing age


Cervagyn® Cream: Cervagyn® is a unique topical cream containing Lactobacillus live probiotic bacteria with garlic and rose oil to help maintain normal genital freshness and microflora balance