Wie finde ich die richtigen probiotischen Bakterien für mich? (Choosing the right live bacteria)


Mittlerweile ist das allgemeine Wissen um die Wichtigkeit der Darmgesundheit im Hinblick unsere gesamte Gesundheit weit verbreitet. Eine Vielzahl von Produkten mit "guten Bakterien" sind erhältlich und werben um die Gunst der Nutzer. Sind all diese Produkte aber gleich gut, sowohl in Bezug auf die Qualität als auch die Wirksamkeit? Weit gefehlt - die Unterschiede sind immens.

Wie also finden Sie als Konsument die richtige probiotische Bakterienlösung für sich. Anbei eine Zusammenfassung in englischer Sprache unserer Partner von BioCare.


Article is from our partners BioCare. www.biocare.co.uk and www.biocare-schweiz.ch

We all know that our gut bacteria are really important to our health. Yet there is a baffling array of ‘live bacteria’ products on the market. They are not all the same in terms of quality or effectiveness. So how do you choose one that is going to give you the best possible support? Here are a few key pointers to help you make the right choice.


Choose a Live Bacteria product that is…

  1. Safe: make sure your live bacteria product contains human strains with an excellent safety record. Just remember, you are dosing yourself with ‘bacteria’ after all! Our bacteria are safe to use with everyone. We only use strains with excellent safety records in clinical trials and that naturally live in the human gut.

  2. Stable: with guaranteed potency - live bacteria need to stay that way and get to where they need to be. You don’t need specially coated capsules, just hardy bacteria with guaranteed potency at end of shelf life. Our live bacteria products have guaranteed potency at the end of shelf life. They are stable in storage so you’re guaranteed to get what you need and stable in the gut.

  3. Pure: choose a product free of unnecessary ingredients and allergens, especially one that is dairy free (which many live bacteria products are not). Our products are simple, straightforward formulations with only the ingredients you actually need and free from common allergens like dairy*, so vegan-friendly.
    *with the exception of our Baby BioFlora product.

  4. Symbiotic: that means with dietary fibres like ‘fructo-oligosaccharide’ (FOS) or inulin to feed the good bacteria and increase its effectiveness.

  5. Flexible: make sure it’s in a convenient form to take, for example in a powder form for babies or children. There’s no point in having a great product if it isn’t used. We have the right live bacteria product for everyone - adults, children, babies, in pregnancy – including different strengths and forms such as capsules, powders and our unique Bio-Melts.

  6. Most of all, make sure it’s going to work! The more strains, the better, surely? Definitely not! We can’t possibly replicate the diversity of bacteria in the human gut, so trendy multi-strain products, including lots of different bacteria, may not be helpful at all. We can’t be sure how they work together and that we’re not just diluting the useful ones and wasting money.

Similarly having a really high number of bacteria may mean nothing if they are not the most effective types. What’s important is using the right bacteria at the right level to make a real difference to health and that takes real expertise. Our products have been the choice of health professionals for 30 years. This is because they’ve been designed by the UK’s top probiotic researchers, used in clinical trials and successfully by clinicians with their clients. We use only the right types of bacteria in the right quantities to have maximum effect.

For everyday use, choose our Everyday BioAcidophilus with our clinically researched LAB4 combination of bacteria. This doesn’t have to be kept in the fridge and is in a handy blister strip.


For a stronger dose, choose BioAcidophilus Forte, an incredible 30 billion LAB4 bacteria in a single capsule. If you are on the road or would like to increase your bacteria intake for a certain amount of time, we recommend the BioAcidophilus Forte 7 Capsules with 24 billion LAB4 bacteria, which also do not require to be kept in the fridge


For children you can try our new, unique Children’s Red Berry BioMelts™, a convenient sachet of great tasting melt-on-the-tongue powdered live bacteria with vitamin D to support immunity.


Alternatively, our Mindlinx® Product, combines LAB4 bacteria with the very well researched and fantastic Lactobacillus Rhamnosus bacteria as well as Glutamine, and is also particularly well suited for children.


We strive to provide the most effective live bacteria for everyone.


Got a question? The brand you can talk to:

We have a team of Clinical Nutritionists at the end of our advice line, open to you, for product support and advice (5 days a week). 0121 433 8702 or clinicalnutrition@biocare.co.uk. Or send an e-mail to www.info@nourishme.ch

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