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First things first: we do not like calorie restricted diets for weight loss. We rather focus on sustainable, healthy, long-term dietary changes (with potentially a little extra support). Introducing Lepicol Lighter:


Compliance with most calorie-restricting weight loss plans is notoriously poor, particularly longer term, with up to two thirds of dieters regaining more weight than when they began. A focus on quick fixes with the hope of quick results may mean that the initial successful weight loss may not be sustained long term and you slip back into old habits quickly. Sound familiar?


To achieve and maintain the healthy body shape for you bear in mind it’s not about losing inches and lbs as quickly as possible. Learn to love eating and cooking healthily and naturally, view it as a gradual long term lifestyle shift, nourishing your body and mind!


Here’s where Lepicol Lighter could help. Lepicol Lighter is a, scientifically developed, natural food supplement which could help support you on your weight loss journey, by helping you feel fuller for longer, and curbing any sugar cravings.


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Its key ingredient, glucomannan, is an additional fibre source which contributes to weight loss in the context of an energy restricted diet. When taken before a meal, glucomannan has been shown to reduce the hunger hormone, grehlin which in turn should help you to reduce the amount you need to eat before you feel full. Glucomannan has also been shown to have prebiotic effects similar to inulin.



For those who struggle with sugar cravings, these could be curbed by taking Lepicol Lighter, as it also contains chromium, an essential mineral that helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels.




Lepicol Lighter contains 7 strains of probiotics to help keep your digestive system healthy and balanced. An imbalance in gut bacteria and lower bacterial diversity is repeatedly observed in those who struggle with their weight.


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