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Selen ist ein lebenswichtiges Mineral für den menschlichen Körper, das zahlreiche Funktionen erfüllt, und an den Vorteilen von Selen mangelt es nicht.


Wozu wird Selen verwendet? Es erhöht die Immunität, beteiligt sich an der antioxidativen Aktivität, die gegen Schäden durch freie Radikale und Entzündungen schützt, und spielt eine Schlüsselrolle bei der Aufrechterhaltung eines gesunden Stoffwechsels.


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Selenium is an essential micronutrient that affects various aspects of human health, including optimal immune responses. The notion that selenium “boosts” the immune system has been evidenced in studies involving ageing immunity and protection against certain pathogens.


Selenium is a trace mineral that is found naturally in the soil and also appears in certain foods. There are even small amounts in the water you drink. Something that makes it valuable is its role in antioxidant activity. As a component of antioxidant enzymes, particularly glutathione reductase, it’s key for repairing tissues throughout the body. Due to the fact that selenium both increases antioxidant capabilities and the quality of blood flow, it can help to enhance resistance against diseases and effects of stress. Its ability to fight oxidative stress and and inflammation are thought to be due to different types of selenoprotein found in selenium.


Whole foods are the best sources of selenium, especially when these foods are handled and prepared in a delicate way, since the mineral may be destroyed during processing and very high-heat cooking methods. 

Selenium rich foods include: Brazil nuts, Salmon, Tuna, Turkey, Cottage Cheese, Chicken, Mushrooms, Halibut, Eggs, Sardines, Sunflower seeds, Grass-fed beef, Oats, Beef Liver.


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